Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Third Marriage Trap--The Togetherness Trap

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So with this trap you can go two ways, spending too much time together OR not spending enough time together. And usually each person in the couple has a different idea of what being together is.

Does being together consist of being in the same room together even if your just watching TV? Or does being together mean to you spending planned thought out activities together? Neither one is wrong, you just need to communicate to your spouse what your definition of spending time together is.

Togetherness is the emotional bonding that couples have with each other. Too little and you have can have a major problem. While too much can also be destructive. You need to have a sense of couple identity and only you and your spouse can decide what that means in your relationship. Don't compare your togetherness with another couple's, they might need more or less than you do.

Yes, I'm going to get spiritual here, include the Savior and you Father in Heaven when deciding how much togetherness time you need as a couple. Pray about it. Seek heavenly guidance. Commit your love to your Savior's keeping.

As a stay-at-home mom I have found it hard to have my own identity at times away from the home, the kids, and my husband. If you are having trouble with your identity as an individual find some hobbies that are your hobbies. I have this blog, sewing, baking for fun, my Beachbody business I just started, etc. What do you have as your hobbies?

But we also can't spend all our time focused on ourselves and our identity. Finding a balance can be so difficult!

Talk together as a couple and figure out what togetherness means for you as a couple and work on having that bond. But also allow each of you to have your own hobbies.

How do you find balance in your relationship?

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