Tuesday, June 14, 2016

7 Day Slim Down

***Disclosure I am a Beachbody Coach. By purchasing from my website I do earn a commission, or you can just go to whatever website you want and I don't earn anything. Totally up to you!***

I am trying to lose wight to get healthier overall. I want to be able to get off my diabetic medicine, feel better, and have more energy.

I hit a plateau in my weightloss and I was getting pretty frustrated. I had lost a total of 40 pounds but I couldn't seem to get under 190.

Then I decided to do the 3 Day Refresh from Beachbody. I started using Beachbody's Shakeology and Piyo and saw such great results. I feel more energy and less cravings and I have been losing weight. I loved these products so much that I became a coach. But I had not tried the 3 Day Refresh.

The 3 Day Refresh is meant to be a kickstart to your weightloss so I figured that I needed a kickstart to get me off that plateau. With this program you drink Shakeology, a Vanilla Protein Shake, Fiber and then some healthy small vegetarian meals.

My hubby joined me in this challenge. By the end of the 3 days he had lost 10.2 pounds and I had lost 6 putting me at 188!

I knew when I went back to eating more normally that I would initially gain back some weight. I gained back 4 pounds. But started losing them again and as of today, 1 1/2 weeks after completing the 3 Day Refresh I am back down to 188!!!!!

I am starting a challenge group and would love to have you join me.

We will start the 7 Day Slim Down after the 4th of July! After you fill up from your Independence Day BBQ we will gain freedom by shedding some weight!

Cut off to join me is Monday, June 27. Your commitment will be 7 Days and $35. What do you get for it?
1) Personal motivation from yours truly
2) SEVEN meals
3) Meal Plan
4) Workout tips
5) Personalized Exercise Plan
6) AND a secret Facebook group where we will keep each other accountable
If you know you need this... comment below right now & commit.


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