Tuesday, June 14, 2016

7 Day Slim Down

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I am trying to lose wight to get healthier overall. I want to be able to get off my diabetic medicine, feel better, and have more energy.

I hit a plateau in my weightloss and I was getting pretty frustrated. I had lost a total of 40 pounds but I couldn't seem to get under 190.

Then I decided to do the 3 Day Refresh from Beachbody. I started using Beachbody's Shakeology and Piyo and saw such great results. I feel more energy and less cravings and I have been losing weight. I loved these products so much that I became a coach. But I had not tried the 3 Day Refresh.

The 3 Day Refresh is meant to be a kickstart to your weightloss so I figured that I needed a kickstart to get me off that plateau. With this program you drink Shakeology, a Vanilla Protein Shake, Fiber and then some healthy small vegetarian meals.

My hubby joined me in this challenge. By the end of the 3 days he had lost 10.2 pounds and I had lost 6 putting me at 188!

I knew when I went back to eating more normally that I would initially gain back some weight. I gained back 4 pounds. But started losing them again and as of today, 1 1/2 weeks after completing the 3 Day Refresh I am back down to 188!!!!!

I am starting a challenge group and would love to have you join me.

We will start the 7 Day Slim Down after the 4th of July! After you fill up from your Independence Day BBQ we will gain freedom by shedding some weight!

Cut off to join me is Monday, June 27. Your commitment will be 7 Days and $35. What do you get for it?
1) Personal motivation from yours truly
2) SEVEN meals
3) Meal Plan
4) Workout tips
5) Personalized Exercise Plan
6) AND a secret Facebook group where we will keep each other accountable
If you know you need this... comment below right now & commit.


Monday, June 13, 2016

Camp Fundraiser

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Every year our church has girl's camp for those girls who are 12-18. And every year they do a fundraiser to help off set the cost of attending.

This year's theme was Alice In Wonderland. Mia was the Queen of hearts and Emma was the March Hare.

They had a spaghetti dinner and this year they added a sauce cookoff. They also had a bake sale and a Texas Auction going. And the girls provided entertainment with little scenes from Alice In Wonderland that they acted out throughout the evening.

The evening went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. And bonus, they made almost all the money they needed for camp!

My husband and daughters really enjoy Alice In Wonderland both the book and the Disney movie.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Pet Series - Brandy the Old Grumpy Cat

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We have 13 pets! Crazy I know especially because my husband doesn't like animals and is allergic. But the things he does for us. My girls and I love animals so we might have gone a little overboard. I thought it would be fun to introduce you to a member of our pet family one a week as well as some funny stories.

Our older cat was our very first pet, well if you don't count all the fish that have died. We can keep a hamster alive for 4 1/2 years but can't keep fish alive past 6 months. :(

Back to our adorable cat, we rescued her years ago when we were still living in our apartment. It has been 9 years since we took her in. She was declawed and fixed and was being beat up by all the stray cats in the apartments. We started feeding her on our patio and the girls would play with her. Then she started leaving us "gifts."

It started out slow, just every once in a while, a dead mouse, a bird, or bunny would end up at our patio door. Then she started leaving something about everyday. I can do any live animal, dead animals, that's when I call my hubby to take over.

My sweet hubby decided that he would take allergy medicine so we could let her in the house. And thus our zoo has begun.

She was so happy to be inside that she pretty much let my girls do anything. You'll give me a house and food? Sure, you can dress me up in doll clothes, carry me like a baby, carry me around so my back paws are dragging on the floor because you're so short! She is the sweetest cat alive!

We went out and bought her all kinds of cat toys but she wanted nothing to do with them. We soon learned that she was not into playing, she just wanted to be held and loved.

She purrs almost continually and only meows when she wants attention or help with something.

All the usual cat stuff you hear about, this is not Brandy at all.

Then we bought our house in 2010 and started adding to the zoo! Our next addition was a puppy and she was not happy about this puppy wanting to play with her. She soon put the puppy in it's place when she bonked her on the nose with her paw. The puppy whined as if this was the most horrible thing that had ever happened to her. But from that time on when she entered that room she would enter slowly, looking for the cat.
After the puppy grew up and lost some of that puppy excitement Brandy and her soon became happy housemates and at times almost seem like they are friends.

One day they were both out in the backyard. The dog was running around and Brandy was sitting there staring at the ground with her tail swishing. All of a sudden she let out a meow and the dog came running over and started digging. Then Brandy moved to a new spot watching, let out a meow after a while and the dog came running over to dig. This went on for a while until the dog got a gopher! They had been hunting the gopher together!

Then we got the kitten last year. She does not want to play with her but all the kitten wants to do is play. The dog will even go and intercept the two cats when the kitten is bugging the Brandy too much.

Brandy knows her name and will come when called even if she is outside. She comes faster if you have her favorite treats!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Third Marriage Trap--The Togetherness Trap

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So with this trap you can go two ways, spending too much time together OR not spending enough time together. And usually each person in the couple has a different idea of what being together is.

Does being together consist of being in the same room together even if your just watching TV? Or does being together mean to you spending planned thought out activities together? Neither one is wrong, you just need to communicate to your spouse what your definition of spending time together is.

Togetherness is the emotional bonding that couples have with each other. Too little and you have can have a major problem. While too much can also be destructive. You need to have a sense of couple identity and only you and your spouse can decide what that means in your relationship. Don't compare your togetherness with another couple's, they might need more or less than you do.

Yes, I'm going to get spiritual here, include the Savior and you Father in Heaven when deciding how much togetherness time you need as a couple. Pray about it. Seek heavenly guidance. Commit your love to your Savior's keeping.

As a stay-at-home mom I have found it hard to have my own identity at times away from the home, the kids, and my husband. If you are having trouble with your identity as an individual find some hobbies that are your hobbies. I have this blog, sewing, baking for fun, my Beachbody business I just started, etc. What do you have as your hobbies?

But we also can't spend all our time focused on ourselves and our identity. Finding a balance can be so difficult!

Talk together as a couple and figure out what togetherness means for you as a couple and work on having that bond. But also allow each of you to have your own hobbies.

How do you find balance in your relationship?

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