Monday, June 13, 2016

Camp Fundraiser

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Every year our church has girl's camp for those girls who are 12-18. And every year they do a fundraiser to help off set the cost of attending.

This year's theme was Alice In Wonderland. Mia was the Queen of hearts and Emma was the March Hare.

They had a spaghetti dinner and this year they added a sauce cookoff. They also had a bake sale and a Texas Auction going. And the girls provided entertainment with little scenes from Alice In Wonderland that they acted out throughout the evening.

The evening went well and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. And bonus, they made almost all the money they needed for camp!

My husband and daughters really enjoy Alice In Wonderland both the book and the Disney movie.


  1. We are sorry we missed that! And now girl's camp is over. Hope it was wonderful. I'm sure the crafts were!

  2. Thanks, Mom! I'll have to do a post about the crafts we did!