Monday, February 29, 2016

FREE Short Story By My Amazing Hubby!

You might remember me mentioning that my husband is an author.  Unfortunately he can't be a full-time author yet as we still have bills to pay.  But he will be some day!

He has had a few short stories published, they are more adult sci-fi and fantasy.  He has also had a children's counting book published.  He will be having a second children's book published in a few months.  This one is a middle grade chapter book.  You will definitely be hearing more about that!

If anybody would like to read one of his stories you can read one for FREE online at the Interstellar Fiction website.

The girl is loosely based on our daughters.  The dad in the story is loosely based on my hubby himself, he is not an animal lover at all.  And the animal the daughter finds is even more loosely based on our cat that was abandoned and we took in.  (Yes, we still have her and we are all still fine!) I did ask him why there wasn't character based on me and he said that I would have gotten everything taken care of in two paragraphs so there wouldn't be a story.  I'm flattered, I think!?!

Let me know what you think about the story!

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