Sunday, January 10, 2016


We've all heard to get what you want you should make a dream board and/or visualize you with what you want.  The concept behind this is that if you visualize yourself already with these things then you will trick your brain into thinking that you have these things and you start acting as if you do.

This never worked for me.  I ended up focusing too much that I didn't have these things and ended up feeling more depressed about it.

I was listening to a webinar with Richard Wiseman and he talked about this same thing.  And he said that visualizing yourself with these things is not as helpful as you might think.  Instead you should visualize yourself going through the process, not the end result!  This makes so much more sense to me!

He uses the example of giving a speech in front of a large group of people.  Instead of visualizing a standing ovation at the end, that chances are won't come anyway, you should visualize yourself walking out onto the stage, starting your speech, etc.   This will help you nail your speech better than visualizing you getting a standing ovation!

I think that this will help me so much more than visualizing me at the end with what I want.

I am ready to start visualizing what I need to do to make these things happen!   What are you going to visualize?

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