Wednesday, January 6, 2016

It's Okay To Be An Imperfect Superwoan

As women most of us have many roles that we assume.  There is the role of wife, mother, friend, daughter, cook, taxi, nurse. . . the list goes on and on.  we have so many roles that it is sometimes hard to juggle all the responsibilities.  we can end up feeling overwhelmed and stressed to the point that we feel unable to accomplish everything that we must.

I am a perfectionist by nature.  As my list of responsibilities gets longer and longer I have learned that I have to be okay with being imperfect.  After all who among is perfect?

I have friends and family that tell me they get tired just thinking of all I do.  They say that I always seem to pull everything off with style and finesse.  I hear that I must be a superwoman, and I just end up laughing.  For what they don't see is the imperfection and break downs that occur when I am at home.  No one gets to see all that, except my husband, poor man!

And when he tells me to take a deep breath, that I don't have to be perfect and sometimes just okay is good enough, he gets accused of not understanding or caring.  What he is trying to do is make sure I give myself permission to be imperfect.

We have to learn to be okay with being Imperfect Superwomen!

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