Friday, March 4, 2016

My Favorite Easter Candy

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Easter is less than a month away!  Easter has my most favorite candy of all time.  And while I crave it sometimes throughout the year it is probably best that it is available only one time a year or I would have even more problem losing weight and keeping it off.

Please tell me that I am not the only one who LOVES Cadbury Creme Eggs!  I also love See's Butterscotch Squares, which are available year round.

But the difference is I can get Cadbury Creme Eggs pretty much at any store around Easter time.  To get the See's I have to get in the car and specifically drive there.  Getting the See's is a deliberate choice that I make.  And let's be honest my laziness makes buying See's less frequent.

Getting Cadbury Creme Eggs happen a lot more often as my willpower at times is all used up and they're sitting right there calling my name.  Especially when they are at the register!

I even checked Amazon to see if it was cheaper to get that way.  If you want to order some and shatre with me, I won't turn any down!

What is your favorite Easter Candy?

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